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To the Citizens of Macon County,                                                                                                     July 13, 2021

I am going to try something new. I want you to know how I intend to administer the Office of the Sheriff of Macon County, North Carolina. To that end, I want to provide you with a contract. A contract from me to you so you know where you and I stand.

I agree and pledge:
1. I will provide the most transparent Sheriff’s Office that you or anyone in Macon County can remember. I will promise that if I tell you that a matter is under investigation, I will report back to you the results of that investigation to the best of my ability within the laws I must work under.


2. I promise that I will act fast and with authority to root out any corruption. I have said there is no place in Police work for corruption. If faced with complaints of corruption, they will be completely investigated and a report will be made to the complainant. Additionally, I pledge to not retain the certification of any officer who resigned under investigation. Any officer who is found to be guilty of criminal behavior will be dealt with according to the laws of North Carolina.


3. I vow to treat each and every one of you the same. Your treatment will be the same regardless of your status in the community. You each deserve respect and to be treated without fear of excessive use of force or abuse of power.


4. To the members of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office I vow to support you and provide you with a work environment that lends itself to growth. I also vow to hold each member of the Department accountable and that especially means leadership. Our job is to promote professional treatment of our employees as well as our customers, the citizens of Macon County. Anything less is unacceptable.


5. And finally, I will be a good steward of your money. I will not waste it on frivolous things. I will not ask for something I do not absolutely need. I will not forget that the money I need and receive to operate YOUR Sheriff’s Office is hard earned money.


This is my contract and my promise. Hold me to it, please.


Thanks for your time,
//signed// Bob Cook


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