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I have spoken to a couple hundred people in the last few days via the phone, text or in person. I am encouraged by their comments and support. We have discussed the various plans I have to move our Sheriff’s Office forward to the next level. While our current Sheriff has done a good job, we have been doing things pretty much the same way through two administrations over a thirty year period. One of the common themes that was related to me is how much our county has grown. I believe the statistics show us that we are one of the faster growing regions in the state. As such, we must be ready for what that influx brings. We need a Sheriff to be forward thinking. We cannot rely on the same policies and procedures that have stagnated us for the past few years. We need new ideas.
Over the past eleven months I have presented new ideas. I have presented new ways of doing things. I have proposed improvements to areas such as the courthouse security and inmate rehabilitation. I have suggest more modern methods such as the Video Magistrate Program and the Drone technology.
I am that forward thinking individual who will bring us forward. If you have any questions, please call me at 828-371-4475. Thank you!
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As citizens we have multiple choices in this election for Sheriff. I was having a conversation with a gentleman in Jaxson’s Restaurant Thursday evening and he wanted to ask me a couple questions; at this point he advised that he was undecided.
So I began with a question for him. Are you happy with your Sheriff’s Office now? He had an emphatic “no”. I pointed out he would need to reduce his choices by three, as they are current employees. By the lack of solid proposals and plans, it is apparent they will continue to carry out the same policies and procedures that the Sheriff’s Office has done for the past thirty or so years. One candidate even point blank said he would continue on with the policies of the current Sheriff. Their administration has promised over the last several elections they will address the issues the citizens bring up only to shelve it again until the next election.
That leaves two of us. One has actually worked within the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. He had approximately five years of employment in the Sheriff’s office, which was over twenty years ago. He is passionate about two issues, the 2nd Amendment and Drugs. Yet over the past twenty years he has stayed on the sidelines watching from afar. He calls himself an “outsider”, but are you truly an outsider if you have worked there? Once he resigned his position he did not seek to further his law enforcement education. Law Enforcement is ever evolving. If you are not current on the latest trends and methods not to mention case law, you will be ineffective and possibly put us un a position of liability. He has been in business for the past twenty or so years and that is admirable. But if he or his employees make a mistake in business he only loses HIS money and no one dies. If as a Sheriff he doesn’t train his people right; doesn’t recognize when jobs are not properly accomplished; or just fails to address the issues that arise, he loses OUR money and people can die.
That leaves me. I have more overall years of experience in service of my community and country than all of the other candidates. I have had extensive experience in most areas that are issues in Macon County (I.e. drugs) and after retirement, I have still increased my knowledge in the latest court decisions, laws and methods. Over the past two years I have taught local and federal recruits at the Police Academy the subjects of Drugs and Contraband, Courtroom Testimony, Interviewing as well as Police Ethics and Human Trafficking.
I have made a number of proposals detailing what I intend to do along with how I intend to carry them out. While I have pointed out issues, I also point out solutions. I won’t make generic “drug dealers must leave” without putting out some solutions as to how I will make them want to leave. I don’t wring my hands and tell citizens they deserve the same coverage as those in Franklin then not tell you how I am going to do it. I identify issues and put forth solutions. This is what a true leader does.
So, the question is up to you. Who will you trust to lead the great Macon County Sheriff’s Office into the next phase? Who do you believe will make those changes?
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The other day at church, a lady I know stopped me and asked how the campaign was going. I told her I believe we are doing alright. She smiled widely and said “I’m telling everyone I know about you!” I thanked her very much. She said she was just sorry she couldn’t vote for me. I asked her what county she lived in. She said she lived in Franklin, but was a Democrat. She was lamenting that there were very few democrats running for office this election and she thought she would have to sit this one out. We discussed her options which included changing her affiliation to independent. We discussed what that would mean and how that only applied to a primary. She can vote for whomever she wants in the general. She then told me her son-in-law had told her the same thing and had already made the change. She said this election with the major offices being primarily Republican candidates she wanted more of a choice.
As I sat there in church I thought about what she had told me. I thought how there are citizens who will sit this out without the ability to make a choice on the Sheriff’s or County Commissioners races. Not to minimize all of the other races, but the safety and taxes of our citizens are two of the issues our citizens think most about. I have always said the Sheriff’s race should be non-partisan. You either enforce the law or you don’t. It is neither a Republican or Democrat issue.
Please do not sit this one out. If you change party, and I am not encouraging you one way or the other, it is just as simple to change back. But if you want a voice in these very important races, you need to decide if it is more important than party affiliation.


This election is serious. It requires a serious response as there are difficult issues we are facing in Macon County. Over the past week and a half, I have been sharing with you different issues I think are core to the issues you as a citizen in Macon County face. As you can see I have addressed each issue multiple times and provided detailed plans and proposals on each issue. What you don’t see is another candidate trying to work with you to provide you with the information you need to make a solid choice for our next Sheriff.
We are at a crossroads. All of my opponents would most likely be looking for a long career as your Sheriff. (Just like the last two.) Of course that will always be up to you, the voters. But with that long career comes eventual stagnation. It also brings with it the desire to cultivate those ties that will ensure their next election. That is where the outside influences come into play.
I am not doing this for the money nor do I consider myself entitled to this position. I made a proposal that was adopted by the county commissioners that reduced the pay of the incoming Sheriff by between 35-40 thousand dollars. This isn’t about the money. I have a desire and the skills to fix the issues that needs repairing. This is about you. This is about the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. I am not a “good old boy.” If you want that, there are a few running. I can’t be bought nor can position or status sway me. I am not worried about upsetting the status quo. I will always do what is right for Macon County and what is right in accordance with the law.
Please share this with everyone on your social media page. Let’s get the word out! If you have a question, please give me a call at 371-4475.


I had briefly seen a post by Sandy Grant on another site and was in the middle of responding to it when the post was deleted. She asked why after I was helped so much by the Macon County Sheriff’s Office when my wife passed am I degrading them? Why am I and my supporters running a dirty campaign? I really feel the need to answer this, so I will do it on my site so it doesn’t get deleted.
Sandy, I am sorry you feel that way. I have spent many hours putting forth my qualifications and plans. Only to have them attacked over and over. That is the way this thing we call politics works. I am told by lay people that my plans are not feasible and will not work and are full of misinformation. Unfortunately, when someone has built a legacy such as the one Sheriff Holland has, they don’t want anyone to question it. I understand that. But elections are about change. At least they should be. I know the only reason I am running is because of the amount of people I had spoken to that indicated they want change.
I am always curious how there are those who demand change, but don’t vote for it. We see it all the time in national politics. I represent change. I haven’t worked within the MCSO and am not mired down in the way they do things. I have worked in more than one location and have seen some of the best and the worst ways to accomplish the task at hand.
I am not running with any concerns for my law enforcement retirement. Those working within the MCSO now are. They have many years invested and will be concerned with how that plays out in the next election and the one after that. We will then be back into the same things that we have had over the past thirty six years and two administrations. I am not concerned in the least about the election after this one. I am concerned with making the changes that need to be made and moving on. Hopefully by that time I will have done my job of training someone to take over.
As far as dirty campaigning by myself or my supporters, I will say that I only point out the things that are wrong and need changing. I stay away from family issues because they don’t deserve that (that would actually be dirty). If you follow some of the other pages, you will see where I am constantly attacked with lies and vitriol. I have asked my supporters to be professional and factual. As I have been told, the truth has no feelings.
Do we as citizens deserve to know if a candidate for the Office of the Sheriff violates the law? Do we need to know their philosophy and ability to make sound judgments? And when do we need to know that they have issues in that regard, before or after the election?
I have some clear ideas on who I want in my administration. You may be surprised to know it includes some you like. The deputies in our agency do a fantastic job and deserve management they can count on to be consistent. They deserve to know how to promote and if they do promote, they deserve to know they will have the authority to do their jobs. They deserve to know that their leaders are held to an even higher standard than they themselves are held to.
Finally, when my wife of 25 years passed, Sheriff Holland and his officers were there to support me and make sure I was alright. I will be forever grateful for that support. They did not have to do anything. I know that. But, this isn’t about friendships. This is about what is best for OUR agency and OUR county. Nothing more and nothing less. I know what my late wife would have wanted. I am doing that. Thanks for the response.


Last night while walking into Jaxson’s for my weekly get together with my family and friends, an older gentleman struck up a conversation with me. The conversation turned to the election. He was born and raised here. His words were, and I quote, “You know there ain’t no f$&*n way you are going to make it. You won’t even get f$#*n close!”. “No disrespect meant.”
Here is the point of today’s post. There are an awful lot of people I have spoken to over the past ten months who have expressed a need for change. If we do not get out the vote for us, he may be right. If we don’t get our message out, he may be right.
To win this election we will need thirty three percent of the vote. If we can do that, there will be no run off. I will begin the planning phase the next day. You will be kept up on our progress as it is made.
Your homework is to tell three people! I have over three thousand members on my personal page and over one thousand on my election page. I am encouraged every day when I walk around. Even in when I was in Highlands yesterday with my family, nearly everyone I spoke with was aware of our campaign. Now let’s get er done!
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A supporter of mine was recently asked why am I running with only one term in mind. That is a GREAT question. You see I am a firm believer in term limits. If a person stays in office longer than two terms (8 years) they rarely progress. I find they tend to feel entitled to the position and fail to earn that vote every day. I don’t want to be that person.
I am not running for any other purpose than to fix the issues I am told exists, I will not be one of those Sheriff’s that is worried about the next election the day after the last one. My opponents from the Macon County SO are all under that 30 year retirement threshold. If they don’t get re-elected, they may lose it or settle for a lesser retirement. I will go into the first term not worried about the next one. I will enforce the law without concern for upsetting the “good old boy” network. I want to do what I have always done.
I plan to fix the issues and pass the torch to someone else.


What is in it for me? Why is it important for me to be your next Sheriff?
Is it the money? Nope. I actually went before the county commissioners and requested a resolution be made to reduce the incoming Sheriff’s pay by approximately $40,000.00! As a result, I have already saved taxpayer money in the amount of approximately $150,000.00 over a four year term. I have also publicly stated I would take no pay raises in my time as your Sheriff.
Is it the recognition? Nope. I know people all over the county. It is getting to the point my wife wants me to go to the stores alone because she knows it will “be awhile!” Is it the authority? Nope. We all have the authority to do the right thing. What is it? Service? Maybe. I have served my country and community for the majority of my life.
I listened to you. Long before I decided to run for this office I heard your concerns. I have stood on your front porch and watched as what appears to be drug traffic goes in and out of the neighboring property. I have heard you cry and seen your tears while they relate stories of their loved ones death at the hands of the drugs pouring into our community. I continue to hear your stories of why you feel like your Sheriff’s Office is not responding to your respective situation. I feel for you. I will work hard at fixing this.
That is what is in it for me.
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I found a book my late wife had. I opened it up and this is the first thing I saw:
“You’ve got to have the goods, my boy,
If you would finish strong;
A bluff may work a little while,
But not for very long;
A line of talk all by itself
Will seldom see you thru;
You’ve got to have the goods, my boy,
And nothing else will do.
The fight is pretty stiff, my boy,
I’d call it rather tough,
And all along the route are wrecks
Of those who tried to bluff-
They could not back their lines of talk,
To meet the final test,
You’ve got to have the goods, my boy,
And that’s no idle jest.”
- Author unknown
So, I do not bluff. I do not put something out I don’t think I have a chance of accomplishing. The question is, are you ready for something new?


One of my supporters sent this message to me. I thought it was appropriate and wanted to share it with you:
“So are you ready for change in the sheriff’s office? Have you had enough of not being informed as to the status of pending cases? Have you filed a complaint and never received any status updates?
The first thing to do is to ensure that you are eligible to vote in the upcoming primary for sheriff in Macon County. If you are registered as a Republican or as an Unaffiliated voter then you are eligible to vote. Every single candidate for sheriff is running as a Republican. This means if you are registered as a Democrat you are NOT eligible to vote in the primary. You would need to change your voter affiliation to unaffiliated or Republican to be eligible to vote. Remember this primary will determine our next sheriff.
If you are tired of the status quo or if you simply want to be able to participate in process of electing your next sheriff then make sure you are eligible to vote in the Republican primary. It is recommended you change your voter affiliation now if needed to vote in this important primary.”
This is probably the most important Sheriff’s race in decades. It will decide if we are good with status quo or we want meaningful change. If candidates don’t address the concerns of the citizens of Macon County it demonstrates they have no intention of making any real changes. If they decide now to tell us about their “detailed plans” what took them so long? Maybe they had to hear me tell them your concerns and for me to relate how I am going to address them. The choice will be yours.


I was at a church event yesterday at was designed to have input on the direction our church is to go in the coming years. It was very inspirational as there were people there I had never met and were from all walks of life and there were a number of great ideas being put forth. These ideas were borne out of vision and life’s experience. I was there because it is my church and I care deeply about it.
The pastor said something that inspired me. It actually hit me pretty hard. He gave a quote from Helen Keller. She said….
“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”
I want you to think about that. This is what my campaign has been about . Vision. My vision for the future of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. My vision on how to make our county safer for all of us. There are those who seem to have difficulty having vision. I don’t. I have a vision of a much more efficient and effectively ran organization. Because I care deeply about it and yo


Wayne Gretzky once said “you miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” I believe that. I was once tasked with trying to make a case on a guy called “white boy Rodney.” He was a street dealer who stood on the corner of W. 8th and Hubbard Street. He was a rather prolific dealer who gave the good citizens in that area lots of grief. He attracted the worst kind of people to his area. Lots of other detectives had tried. No one had been successful. Seemed simple enough. Just roll up and ask to buy a “dub” and arrest him. Well that is the popular school of thought. That is what everyone had tried. So why didn’t they succeed and why did I get the job done?
I got the job done because while I did it basically the same way, I just managed it differently. I went around him to all of the other dealers and made buys from them. I ignored him. Oh, I would nod my head in acknowledgment, but didn’t approach him. I let him see me roll up on everyone else. I spent some money, 20 or 40 dollars at a time, but after three weeks, Rodney decided he wanted some of that action. At the conclusion, I not only got Rodney, I got 18 other dealers from that same area. Rodney got several years.
My point of that story is while the plan may have been tried before, it hasn’t been tried by me. I have a different way of looking at the situation. I may seem confident. That is because half of a good plan is visualization. I visualize my plan and execute it to successful conclusion. I have a plan for the Macon County Sheriff’s Office that is different because I do things differently. It will work. Give me a chance to prove it.


This county has grown. It will continue to grow and we cannot stop it. We have people from all over the United States moving to our little piece of God’s country. We have people from other countries somehow finding their way here. They bring with them their beliefs, their ideas, their culture and sadly, sometimes their crime. We need a Sheriff who can keep up with the latest trends. We need a Sheriff who will face it head on. We need a Sheriff who is not stuck in the old ways of doing things. I am that Sheriff!


Today I was asking myself why I have put myself and my family out there. Why open my life up to scrutiny and criticism. Was it for the power? Not hardly. Was it got the money? Don’t need it. As a matter of fact, I went out of my way to ensure that as Sheriff I will make less than any other Sheriff in this county for the past many years. So why?
I was speaking with several citizens this morning and as I listened to their stories, it reminded me of why I am doing this. I am doing this for you. I am doing this for the deputies. I am doing this to make OUR lives in Macon County better.

I am particularly moved by the stories of loved ones who have died due to drug overdoses. There was one of those stories I heard today. It breaks my heart. I cannot imagine the feeling of that type of loss. I will make a promise to you. If I can prove who provided the deadly dose of drugs to an overdose victim, I will work with DA Ashley Welch to charge them accordingly. For too long it is just chalked up to an accidental overdose and written off. I will hold them responsible. If we don’t, more and more will die as a result of the fentanyl plague.


Change is inevitable. Failure to change will only put us behind the curve in controlling that change. Ignoring it does not mean it goes away. We need to be on the forefront of managing that change.
As your Sheriff, I will keep us up to date with the latest techniques and equipment to avoid unnecessary uses of force, or to enable us to solve crimes more effectively and efficiently. Our Sheriff’s Office will be forward thinking. Our citizens deserve it.


This week I want to address one of the things I hear on occasion. I am occasionally told that I will have a difficult time getting elected because I am not from "around here." I also hear just as many who are from "around here" tell me that they are looking forward to my election so that necessary changes can be made without concerns of upsetting certain groups or people that are considered influential.
This is the same mentality that tells me because I am not my adopted daughter's biological father, I can't possibly understand how to be a parent nor am I really her father. You should probably ask her about that. I provided her the same life that I provided my other three children; with the same amount of love, attention and guidance.
Just like choosing my adopted daughter, I CHOSE to live in Franklin. I have employed a number of people over the years and provided nearly a million dollars in construction projects to the county I love. I have volunteered hundreds of hours to more than one charity and churches to ensure those who need it get the services that will help them in their time of need. I will provide the same amount of logic, attention and guidance in the application of the law here as I would anywhere else. Nothing more…nothing less.
I have said before that I grew up in a town in Iowa that was much like Franklin. I loved my small community and moved here because of it. I could have lived anywhere in the world but I chose to live here. I love this county and would not live anywhere else.
I am now ready to serve once more as this county’s Sheriff because I see a need. I have confidence that our citizens will see through the attempts to paint them as believing if you are not from around here, you can't possibly contribute to making our beautiful county safer and better for all of us. It will take a fresh set of eyes to view the processes and procedures of the Macon County Sheriff’s Office and make the necessary improvements. I am that person!
It is by being leadership tested and experience proven I will accomplish what it is I propose.


Politics is an interesting dynamic. It is a confusing endeavor. When I began this journey, I began to speak with random people all over this county. I am told their concerns and desire for change. I have spoken to both those who have been born here and those who have chosen our beautiful piece of God’s county to be their home to raise their families and live out their lives. They tell you of the good and bad things they know about whatever it is that you are seeking to do. What is confusing is they want you to make the change, yet hold it against you when you want to put a bright light to the things that are not right.
So, the question is do you want to know the truth before or after the election. Putting it out prior to the election is negative campaigning but failing to inform could end up with something we hadn’t expected and some serious buyers regret leaving us unable to fix what has been done. Speaking about the things you know can make you uncomfortable, yet morally, failing to give those you will serve the information they need seems to be counterintuitive to the very job you seek. Negative campaigning is the spreading of untruths and innuendo. As a person I respect once told me, the truth has no feelings. People do however.
Ask yourself this, why would a guy who is comfortably retired and leading a relatively drama free lifestyle put himself in a position to be criticized and attacked on a regular basis? Why would he actually want to take less money to do the job than anyone in that position has for the past many years? The answer is simple. Because there is a need and the potential for change is minimal at best if he doesn’t at least try.


I have spoken to people in all the rural areas of this county. I have put forth plans to get some coverage into those areas. You now have other candidates making promises to do the same thing. The question is “why are you only now worried about getting us deputies?” I think we all know the reason.


I have been asked a few times, as recently as a few days ago, why are you willing to run for this position? Why are you interrupting your retirement to put yourself in the middle of this?
Well, it is always a good question and after a day like I had this weekend, I questioned it for a VERY brief moment. I take this job personally. I take the responsibility of the Sheriff personally. It isn’t about money as I asked to reduce my pay when elected by APPROXIMATELY $40,000.00. I do not need the money. I have even said that whatever I make when I swear in is what I will make whenever I leave that position. It isn’t about the title or the fame. I have had plenty of both. So what is it? I am a member of this community. I live here with my family and friends. I love this place more than anywhere I could have lived or have lived. I loved my time as a law enforcement officer. I loved my time in the Navy. I have a desire to serve my community in the best way possible.
I look at my opponents and genuinely believe I can do better than they can. If I didn’t, I would be supporting one of them. This Sheriff’s Office administration needs to be better. The citizens I talk to are not happy. They demand a change. I have posted a video talking about my thoughts to the deputies. They are a very capable group of Officers. I found out in the Navy that the leader dictates the direction of the organization. They are responsible for the entire organization’s reputation. It is that reputation that reflects upon those who serve in it. If the leadership has issues, it is seen that the officers also have issues. When citizens tell me their complaints, it isn’t generally about deputy so and so. It is about those in charge.
As your Sheriff, I will emulate the late President Truman. At my desk is where the buck will stop. I alone will be responsible for the training and effectiveness of each and every officer. I alone will be responsible for our reputation. One day after being sworn in, it will not be Sheriff Holland’s fault. It will not be blamed on him. It will be my responsibility. The deputies deserve that, the citizens demand that. So, spend your time being part of the problem or being part of the solution. I know what I will be.
I am ready to step into the position of Sheriff. Being leadership tested and experience proven made me ready!


I need to make a public apology to Jon Johnson and to George M. Green. I am so sorry that you feel the need to harass me and my supporters daily. I know that I should be paying rent in your heads, but I feel that I must tell the citizens of Macon County what they can expect from my election as their next Sheriff. So, I will continue to spend my efforts letting them know the difference between a Cook administration and one of the others who will give them another four to twenty years of the same of what they have had for the last twenty years. After all, if there were fresh and new ideas, they should have worked on making those changes already!
I would also like to say that I have heard there is a Lieutenant who is making that change already by going through policies and procedures and making them stronger and less likely to expose the citizens of this county to lawsuits. Great job! It can be done.
If the approximately 48% of the citizens that express to me they want change, make sure you are registered to vote either Republican or Independent, and ensure your voice is heard!


Why does it take running for office to start thinking about how to make improvements? In each of my careers I made recommendations for improvements to the systems that were in place to improve efficiency. That is what I will ask of the newest to most experienced individuals within the Sheriff’s Office. Everyone brings something to the table. That is what being leadership tested and experience proven is all about!

Why should you wait until an election for new ideas from those who want to get elected? Why can’t we expect those who have the opportunity to make change to make it? And finally, if we don’t try to make those changes can we be trusted to make them now, only when we want to gain your vote?
This is why I went before the county commissioners to ask for a resolution to reduce my pay by $40,000.00 (a year) even before I am elected. I believe if you have an idea, get it out there and work on getting it enacted. That is what a leader does who is experienced. I am not doing this for the money. I am doing this for the citizens of Macon County and the deputies of the Macon County Sheriffs Office.
I pledge to


According to nearly half of those I speak to every week, a change in direction and leadership is needed for the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. We need to ask ourselves if we really believe that someone who has obtained their law enforcement experience solely at the Macon County Sheriff’s Office will they have the skills and knowledge to make the changes we need?

I wanted to post one more involving a few case stats. Again, these were from wire intercepts. It is the most complicated investigation a Narcotics Detective can undertake. This takes an extremely thorough knowledge of the law and the constitutional requirements.
Operation Golden Arrow: This was a violent crime investigation that resulted in one individual being arrested for homicide. The results of this investigation: 16 felony arrests, Seized two homes and a vacant lot (value in excess of $100,000.00), approximately $15,000.00 in jewelry, over 2 kilograms of cocaine and three firearms (2 rifles)
Operation Sleep Tight: This was a heroin organization investigation that resulted in significant information being obtained in a shooting of a police officer and information relating to another homicide. The results of this investigation: 15 felony arrests, seized over $275,000.00 in assets, two firearms and 2.10 kilograms of heroin.
Operation Steel Horse: This was a violent crime investigation that resulted in the conviction of two individuals for attempted murder. The results of the investigation: 17 felony arrests, hundreds of pills, thirty pounds of marijuana, approximately one ounce of heroin and the seizure of $91,000.00 in cash.


Just thought I would share the results of two more of my cases. These were wire intercept investigations which is only one of many ways I was able to accomplish my goal of dismantling a drug organization.
Operation Picket Fence. This was a violent crime investigation. The targets were the leaders of a local drug organization and were suspected in several shootings and homicides. The leaders were eventually convicted of double murder because of this investigation. The results of the investigation: twenty-seven felony arrests, 8 kilograms of cocaine seized, 7 firearms (3 rifles) were seized, 7 tubes of narcotic liquid were seized, 2 pounds of hydroponic marijuana seized, and one Mercedes Benz SUV was forfeited.
Operation Smackdown: This was a violent crime investigation that spanned multiple states as well as Florida. It provided information in shootings in other cities as well as a home invasion robbery. The results of this investigation: 20 felony arrests in two cities, seized over $5,600.00 cash, $10,000.00 in Jewelry, 5 vehicles, six firearms, over 880 grams of heroin, over 200 grams of cocaine, approx 110 grams of marijuana, 50 grams of mushrooms, over 180 grams of steroids and over 30 grams of methamphetamine.
This is what I mean when I say leadership tested and experience proven!


Brittany Lofthouse asked a question on Macon County Debates for Charity page. Here is her question and my answer:
Question for all candidates:
What will be your beard policy for male officers?
As I tend to like a well groomed beard, generally speaking I would have no issues with the officers being able to also wear a beard with some grooming restrictions. The only caveat to that would be those officers on the tactical teams. As long as the beard does not interfere with the proper wearing of a gas mask, it will be allowed. Thank you for the question.


As I tend to like a well groomed beard, generally speaking I would have no issues with the officers being able to also wear a beard with some grooming restrictions. The only caveat to that would be those officers on the tactical teams. As long as the beard does not interfere with the proper wearing of a gas mask, it will be allowed. Thank you for the question.


I thought I would try something new. While I am not usually one to brag, I have concluded that for you to trust me to be able to address one of the top complaints in Macon County, you need to see some of what I have done. So, to that end I will be posting some of the case stats (wire intercepts) over the past 20 years. This is to give you the information to decide who you will trust to try to curb the tide of drugs in Macon County. Keep in mind, these are not the only cases I have done. Just some.

Operation Full House (Part 2). This was a violent crime investigation. The target was the leader of a local drug organization and was suspected in a number of shootings and homicides. The results of the investigation: Eleven felony arrests, over 60 grams of powder cocaine seized, 2 handguns seized and just under $30,000.00 seized.

Operation Picket Fence. This was a violent crime investigation. The targets were the leaders of a local drug organization and were suspected in several shootings and homicides. The leaders were eventually convicted of double murder because of this investigation. The results of the investigation: twenty-seven felony arrests, 8 kilograms of cocaine seized, 7 firearms (3 rifles) were seized, 7 tubes of narcotic liquid were seized, 2 pounds of hydroponic marijuana seized, and one Mercedes Benz SUV was forfeited.
I will provide more in the coming weeks. Thanks for your support.
Facebook: Bob Cook for Sheriff
Cell: 828-371-4475


Hello all! I need to address something that has been going on with my postings. There has been an individual who goes by the name of Seneca Johnson. I believe it to be a fake profile. The only thing gleaned from her profile is this:
She lives in Highlands, NC
A review of her site showed she made one comment last year and all of a sudden re-emerged a week or so ago. Since her emergence on any posting I made, she has been caustic towards me and any supporters I have. I am deleting her comments as I see them and blocking her from posting. However, it does appear she deleted her facebook account.

On one posting in particular, she mad a comment about what I did when I worked for the Police Academy that I hadn't really put out. Only other law enforcement knew what that position entailed.

I could be way off base here, but it appears that someone associated with the opposition has begun a campaign filled with lies and misinformation. if any of my supporters think they are helping me by being caustic towards another candidate or their supporters, PLEASE DON'T HELP. We can win with facts. We can win with plans. We can win with grassroots efforts by every citizen I speak with. We can win and now it appears they think so too.
Now to address her latest issue. I have had very limited interactions with the narcotics world here in Macon county. There are reasons for it.

1. I have no authority to do so (kinda important).

2. A few years ago, I donated an HD covert camera to be used by the Narcotics Unit to enable them to make good cases better. I wasn't using it and wanted it to go to good use. Ask Sheriff Holland about that donation.

3. I contribute to the drug enforcement by teaching narcotics and passing on my years of experience to the new recruits, both local and federal.

These are unsatisfactory actions by an unknown person. It is an attempt to bully supporters and intimidate me. I will let the citizens of Macon county know one thing right now. IT WILL NOT WORK. It just reinforces to me that I am making the right choice to pursue this path that I believe I have been led to walk.

I greatly appreciate the support and the positive reinforcement I continue to get from the great citizens of Macon County.


I was speaking with a friend I respect very much the other day. We were discussing the Sheriff’s race. He had a unique observation. He said the job of a Sheriff is very much like a business owner. I gave that some thought and I have to agree. As Sheriff, I will be the face of the Macon County Law Enforcement. I will be expected to make the big decisions in reference to how the department will progress. I will be the one who takes responsibility when one of my employees makes a mistake. I will make the decisions on who we hire and sadly, who we fire. I will make the decisions on how to best utilize our assets to further our mission. I will be the one who puts the very best people I can find into the position they are best suited for. Especially when it comes to the leadership positions. Like President Harry Truman once said, “The buck stops here.”

So, as I look at my life’s experiences, I try to find those qualities in me and where I was able to exercise them. They began when I was a teenager and President of my Junior Achievement group for two years. I learned about making a product, sales and the like. Then also as a teenager, I worked at a Boy Scout camp for a summer and learned independence and teamwork. I then learned responsibility as a young man when I got married. I had to learn I was not the most important person in the world as my family grew. They were. When I joined the Navy, I learned leadership at every level. I had some great leaders teaching me by example. Something I carry with me today. As a Chief in the Navy I learned that you take care of those in your charge and they will walk through the gates of hell for you. I learned about placing the most qualified personnel into the jobs they are best suited for. I also learned about work ethic and thinking outside the box to get the job done. When I worked for the grocery chain Publix I learned about customer service; making our customers happy meant they kept coming back and shopping our store. Then I began my career as a law enforcement officer. There I learned the meaning of service. I learned about all sorts of people and how regardless of who or what they were, I was there to ensure their safety. I further learned about leadership and working with people. I learned that people are people and they all have a right to a safe and happy living environment.

Now this brings me to the job of Sheriff. I believe that a Sheriff doesn’t necessarily have to jump out of the car and chase bad guys. He isn’t responsible for advising the suspects of their Miranda rights or even ensuring that there is proper probable cause in the arrest. He needs to administer the department. He needs to ensure his employees are happy, well taken care of, well trained and have all the tools they need to execute their duties. What is the icing on the cake is a Sheriff who has all of these qualities and can recognize when the details of the job are not being completed correctly. A Sheriff who can look at a particularly tough situation and can recommend a tactic or process that hasn’t been tried before. A Sheriff who knows the job, inside and out.

I am that person who has all of those traits and qualifications. I am the best candidate to move our Macon County Sheriff’s Office into the next phase. I have been leadership tested and experience proven!


As it is still early in the campaigning, I would just ask that no one go to an opponents website site or Facebook page and post “Bob Cook for Sheriff” on THEIR site. While I appreciate the support I feel it is bad form. They, like me are working hard to build their base and their site should be for their supporters and those who are seeking information on that candidate. Thanks everyone for understanding.


I have spent a lot of time lately meeting and talking to people. I even met with someone today who provided even more information I wish I had in 2016. But let me address something here and now.

In 2016, I was just another citizen of Macon County. I had only been interested in politics for the prior year or so. The year was an off year election which left few races to study. One of those races was the Sheriff’s race. I had only known Sheriff Holland for a short while. I felt he was a good Sheriff and therefore a good candidate. Based on what I knew from public accounts I felt he was the best candidate in the race. I supported his candidacy and cannot apologize for that.

The thing I saw the most on the local internet sites was a ton of misinformation from those who THOUGHT they knew what police tactics were. Most of what I did was to support the MCSO. The information that was being repeated over and over was having a devastating effect on the rank and file deputies. My effort to correct the misinformation was seen as a strong support of Holland.

As the time went on, I began to talk to the citizens of Macon County. Mostly because I was working with the County GOP. As I talked to more and more citizens, I heard more and more that I was concerned about. There was a general feeling that MCSO needed a change in leadership for a variety of reasons. I was told in the past couple years that this next election they (many of the citizens I spoke with) did not want to vote for the current administration. After much praying I decided I would try to do something to help.

In April, I announced my intentions to run for the Office of the Sheriff in Macon County. I believed I am qualified and based on my leadership and law enforcement experience I am better suited to take over the reigns of the MCSO. Even though I felt Sheriff Holland was a friend, I felt I needed to do this. It wasn’t about friendship. It was about what is best for MCSO and the citizens of Macon County. As he hadn’t announced his intentions to run for re-election, I had anticipated running against him.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear, my opinion of the great deputies of this organization has not and will not waver. They do a tough job for very little money and deserve our thanks every day. I would be honored to work alongside them!

Based on that fact alone, it should be obvious that I have learned more information about concerns by the citizens and that began the process of me running for Sheriff. I am still learning information. I had an interesting meeting with an individual who is certainly not a fan of Bob Cook. But I believe in owning what I do. I supported Holland in the past. I would not have supported his administration now for re-election now. Yes, he is retiring. While he is irrelevant in this election, his administration is running. I think things must change. I can bring that change. I am one that will listen and accept that I could have been wrong about something. I will listen to reason, calm and intelligent arguments. That is what I did today.


So far I have five opponents. Three of which are still serving with the Macon County Sheriff's Office. This alone can create an unstable and stressful working atmosphere. I just would like to go on record as saying that if I am elected, the mere fact you ran against me, supported another candidate or didn't vote for me will have absolutely no bearing on your employment with the Macon County Sheriff's Department. I had the good fortune to not have to worry about who my boss would be and whether or not I would still have a job. I can't imagine the stress that adds to an already stressful career. Politics will have no place in deciding an employee's status.


I have had a number of questions posed to see what my stance is so I thought I would start a new posting every Monday to address an issue that was asked. This way, you will know how I stand. Please feel free to either publicly or privately ask anything you want and I will make every endeavor to answer it thoroughly. I will however try to keep them brief so that I don’t bore you to tears!!
Here is the first one. Why am I running against my friend Robbie Holland? This should also address the generic question of my desire to run. My answer:
This has nothing to do with my friendship with Sheriff Holland. I still value him as a friend and for how he treated me after the sudden death of my wife will always keep him in high regard with me. However, this is about the citizens of Macon County and the Deputies and employees of the Sheriff’s Department. Over the past couple of years I have heard a steady increase of dissatisfaction with the Sheriff’s Office and their direction and progress. I fear that if I were to sit on the sidelines out of loyalty to Sheriff Holland or any of his staff, that dissatisfaction may manifest itself into a less than qualified individual being elected to that position. Ever since coming out and announcing my intent to run to the office of the Sheriff, virtually every citizen I talk to has stated the exact same words. Those are “It's about time for a change.” There are a number of people who have indicated privately they are interested in running. However, every one of those individuals have gained their experience within the very system that people are dissatisfied with. Realistically, what is expected to change if they were elected? I will bring new ideas in policies and procedures while still maintaining the customer service the citizens of Macon County deserve. It isn't about money, I am good with that. It isn't about fame, I have had that. What I want is to be your Sheriff because I believe I can make it better for the department and the citizens of Macon County.


Question for all current and future Sheriff candidates.
I have seen a lot of comments about calls from the citizens to the Sheriff’s department not being investigated.
So my question is: How would you combat the perception that all calls aren't being investigated.


The very simple answer is to respond to the call and investigate the crime.
Now that I have gave the answer, let give you the how.

As I have said in past postings, I will hold deputies responsible for doing their jobs. I will establish a system that tracks complaints and who is responsible for investigating them. The supervisor will conduct periodic inspections of the detective’s cases to ensure they are following up on them.

Next, there will be a system in place where the victim notifications are made and tracked to ensure they know the status of their case. They will be notified when the detective is assigned the case and upon the completion of the case.
Finally, when citizens call in to my office, they will have a response. Either by myself or my staff. I will be the most transparent and responsive Sheriff you have had. You can and should hold me responsible for doing my job.

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